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Batting Average

Bernie Williams, NYS128499101169.33928730526977498115.575.422
Mo Vaughn, BosL154609107205.3373603124011561131440.591.402
Albert Belle, ChiR163609113200.328399482491528110846.655.399
Eric Davis, BalR13145281148.32726329128894401087.582.388
Derek Jeter, NYR149626127203.324301258198457111930.481.384
Nomar Garciaparra, BosR143304111195.323353378351223316212.584.362
Edgar Martinez, SeaR15455686179.322315471291021064961.567.429
Ivan Rodriguez, TexR14557988186.3212974042191324889.513.358
Tony Fernandez, TorS13848671156.3212233629724555313.459.387
Juan Gonzalez, TexR154606110193.318382502451574691262.630.366
Paul O'Neill, NYL15260295191.3173074022411657210315.510.372
Todd Walker, MinL14352885167.31625041312624796519.473.372
Jose Offerman, KCS158607102191.31526628137668919645.438.403
Alex Rodriguez, SeaR161686123213.3103843554212445012146.560.360
Hal Morris, KCL12747250146.309180272140326521.381350

Home Runs

Griffey, Sea56
Belle, Chi49
Canseco, Tor46
Gonzalez, Tex45
Ramirez, Cle45
Palmeiro, Bal43
Rodriguez, Sea42
Vaughn, Bos40
Delgado, Tor38
Garciaparra, Bos35
Green, Tor35


Offerman, KC13
Damon, KC10
Winn*, TB9
Garciaparra, Bos8
O'Leary, Bos8
Jeter, NY8
Durham, Chi8
Anderson, Ana7
McCracken, TB7

On Base Pct.

Martinez, Sea .429
Williams, NY .422
Thome, Cle .413
Salmon, Ana .410
Offerman, KC .403
Vaughn, Bos .402
Belle, Chi .399

Runs Batted In

Gonzalez, Tex157
Belle, Chi152
Griffey, Sea146
Ramirez, Cle145
Rodriguez, Sea124
Martinez, NY123
Garciaparra, Bos122
Palmeiro, Bal121
Palmer, KC119
O'Neill, NY116


Gonzalez, Tex50
Belle, Chi48
Martinez, Sea47
Valentin, Bos44
Delgado, Tor43
Edmonds, Ana42
Clark, Tex41
Grieve*, Oak41
Anderson, Ana41
Walker, Min41

Slugging Pct.

Belle, Chi .655
Gonzalez, Tex .630
Griffey, Sea .611
Ramirez, Cle .599
Delgado, Tor .592
Vaughn, Bos .591
Garciaparra, Bos .584
Thome, Cle .584


Rodriguez, Sea213
Vaughn, Bos205
Jeter, NY203
Belle, Chi200
Garciaparra, Bos195
Gonzalez, Tex193
O'Neill, NY191
Offerman, KC191
Rodriguez, Tex186
Edmonds, Ana184


Jeter, NY127
Durham, Chi126
Rodriguez, Sea123
Griffey, Sea120
Knoblauch, NY117
Edmonds, Ana115
Belle, Chi113
Valentin, Bos113
Garciaparra, Bos111
Cora, Sea-Cle111


Henderson, Oak118
Thomas, Chi110
Martinez, Sea106
Salmon, Ana90
Offerman, KC89
Thome, Cle89
McLemore, Tex89
Lofton, Cle87
Lawton, Min86
Grieve*, Oak85

Stolen Bases

Henderson, Oak6613
Lofton, Cle5410
Stewart, Tor5118
Rodriguez, Sea4613
Offerman, KC4512
Hunter, Det4212
Goodwin, Tex3820
Vizquel, Cle3712
Nixon, Min377

Total Bases

Belle, Chi399
Griffey, Sea387
Rodriguez, Sea384
Gonzalez, Tex382
Vaughn, Bos360
Garciaparra, Bos353
Palmeiro, Bal350
Ramirez, Cle342
Green, Tor321


Canseco, Tor159
Vaughn, Bos144
Green, Tor142
Thome, Cle141
Delgado, Tor139
Palmer, KC134
Davis, Sea134
Sorrento, TB133
Stanley, Bos129
Clark, Det128

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