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Bicycle Stunt

1995Matt Hoffman
1996Matt Hoffman
1997Dave Mirra
1998Dave Mirra
1999Dave Mirra
2000Jamie Bestwick
2001Dave Mirra
2002Dave Mirra
2003 Jamie Bestwick
2004 Dave Mirra
1995Jay Miron
1996Joey Garcia
1997T.J. Lavin
1998Brian Foster
1999T.J. Lavin
2000Ryan Nyquist
2001Stephen Murray
2002Allan Cooke
2003 Ryan Nyquist
2004 Corey Bohan
YearStreet/Stunt Park
1996Dave Mirra
1997Dave Mirra
1998Dave Mirra
1999Dave Mirra
2000Dave Mirra
2001Bruce Crisman
2002Ryan Nyquist
2003 Ryan Nyquist
2004 Dave Mirra
1997Trevor Meyer
1998Trevor Meyer
1999Trevor Meyer
2000Martti Kuoppa
2001Martti Kuoppa
2002Martti Kuoppa
2001Brandon Meadows
2002Robbie Miranda
2003 Simon O’Brien
2004 Not held

Summer X GamesBig-Air Snowboarding

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