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College World Series

The NCAA Division I College World Series has been held in Kalamazoo, Mich. (1947-48), Wichita, Kan. (1949) and Omaha, Neb. (since 1950). Beginning in 2003, the championship series has been best-of-three. Score listed is the deciding game.

Multiple winners: USC (12); Arizona St., LSU and Texas (5); CS-Fullerton and Miami-FL (4); Arizona and Minnesota (3); California, Michigan, Oklahoma and Stanford (2).

1947CaliforniaClint Evans8-7Yale
1948USCSam Barry9-2Yale
1949TexasBibb Falk10-3W. Forest
1950TexasBibb Falk3-0Wash. St.
1951OklahomaJack Baer3-2Tennessee
1952Holy CrossJack Barry8-4Missouri
1953MichiganRay Fisher7-5Texas
1954MissouriHi Simmons4-1Rollins
1955Wake ForestTaylor Sanford7-6W. Mich.
1956MinnesotaDick Siebert12-1Arizona
1957CaliforniaGeo. Wolfman1-0Penn St.
1958USCRod Dedeaux8-7Missouri
1959Oklahoma St.Toby Greene5-3Arizona
1960MinnesotaDick Siebert2-1USC
1961USCRod Dedeaux1-0Okla. St.
1962MichiganDon Lund5-4S. Clara
1963USCRod Dedeaux5-2Arizona
1964MinnesotaDick Siebert5-1Missouri
1965Arizona St.Bobby Winkles2-1Ohio St.
1966Ohio St.Marty Karow8-2Okla. St.
1967Arizona St.Bobby Winkles11-2Houston
1968USCRod Dedeaux4-3So. Ill.
1969Arizona St.Bobby Winkles10-1Tulsa
1970USCRod Dedeaux2-1Fla. St.
1971USCRod Dedeaux7-2So. Ill.
1972USCRod Dedeaux1-0Ariz. St.
1973USCRod Dedeaux4-3Ariz. St.
1974USCRod Dedeaux7-3Miami-FL
1975TexasCliff Gustafson5-1S. Carolina
1976ArizonaJerry Kindall7-1E. Michigan
1977Arizona St.Jim Brock2-1S. Carolina
1978USCRod Dedeaux10-3Ariz. St.
1979CS-FullertonAugie Garrido2-1Arkansas
1980ArizonaJerry Kindall5-3Hawaii
1981Arizona St.Jim Brock7-4Okla. St.
1982Miami-FLRon Fraser9-3Wichita St.
1983TexasCliff Gustafson4-3Alabama
1984CS-FullertonAugie Garrido3-1Texas
1985Miami-FLRon Fraser10-6Texas
1986ArizonaJerry Kindall10-2Fla. St.
1987StanfordM. Marquess9-5Okla. St.
1988StanfordM. Marquess9-4Ariz. St.
1989Wichita St.G. Stephenson5-3Texas
1990GeorgiaSteve Webber2-1Okla. St.
1991LSUSkip Bertman6-3Wichita St.
1992PepperdineAndy Lopez3-2CS-Fullerton
1993LSUSkip Bertman8-0Wichita St.
1994OklahomaLarry Cochell13-5Ga. Tech
1995CS-FullertonAugie Garrido11-5USC
1996LSUSkip Bertman9-8Miami-FL
1997LSUSkip Bertman13-6Alabama
1998USCMike Gillespie21-14Arizona St.
1999Miami-FLJim Morris6-5Fla. St.
2000LSUSkip Bertman6-5Stanford
2001Miami-FLJim Morris12-1Stanford
2002TexasAugie Garrido12-6S. Carolina
2003 Rice Wayne Graham14-2Stanford
2004 CS-Fullerton George Horton3-2 Texas

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