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Minimum of 49 games played

 Gm Pts Avg
Tracy McGrady, Orlando752,40732.1
Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers822,46130.0
Allen Iverson, Philadelphia822,26227.6
Shaquille O'Neal, L.A. Lakers671,84127.5
Paul Pierce, Boston792,04825.9
Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas802,01125.1
Tim Duncan, San Antonio811,88423.3
Chris Webber, Sacramento671,54223.0
Kevin Garnett, Minnesota821,88323.0
Ray Allen, Seattle761,71322.5
Allan Houston, New York821,84522.5

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NBA Individual Leaders, 2002–2003 SeasonASSISTS PER GAME
Minimum of 49 games played

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