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All-Time Leading USA Medalists


No  Sport G-S-B
8 Apollo Ohno Speed Skating 2-2-4
5 Eric Heiden Speed Skating 5-0-0
3* Irving Jaffee Speed Skating 3-0-0
3 Pat Martin Bobsled 1-2-0
3 John Heaton Bobsled/Skeleton0-2-1


No  Sport G-S-B
6 Bonnie Blair Speed Skating 5-0-1
4 Cathy Turner ST Sp. Skating 2-1-1
4 Dianne Holum Speed Skating 1-2-1
3 Chris WittySpeed Skating1-1-1
3 Sheila Young Speed Skating 1-1-1
3 Leah Poulos Mueller Speed Skating 0-3-0
3 Beatrix Loughran Figure Skating 0-2-1
3 Amy Peterson ST Sp. Skating 0-2-1
Note: The term ST Sp. Skating refers to Short Track (or pack) Speed Skating.

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