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Event  Time  
50m Free Kristin Otto, E. Ger 25.49 OR
 Wenyi Yang, CHN25.64 
 Katrin Meissner, E. Ger / Jill Sterkel, USA25.71 
 100m FreeKristin Otto, E. Ger 54.93  
 Yong Zhuang, CHN55.47 
 Cathérine Plewinski, FRA55.49 
 200m Free Heike Freidrich, E. Ger 1:57.65 OR
 Sivia Poll, CRC1:58.67 
 Manuela Stellmach, E. Ger1:59.01 
 400m Free Janet Evans, USA 4:03.85 WR
 Heike Freidrich, E. Ger4:05.94 
 Anke Möhring, E. Ger4:06.62 
 800m Free Janet Evans, USA 8:20.20 OR
 Astrid Strauss, E. Ger8:22.09 
 Julie McDonald, AUS8:22.93 
 100m Back Kristin Otto, E. Ger 1:00.89  
 Krisztina Egerszegi, HUN1:01.56 
 Cornelia Sirch, E. Ger1:01.57 
 200m Back Krisztina Egerszegi, HUN 2:09.29 OR
 Kathrin Zimmerman, E. Ger2:10.61 
 Cornelia Sirch, E. Ger2:11.45 
 100m Brst Tania Dangalakova, BUL 1:07.95 OR
 Antoaneta Frenkeva, BUL1:08.74 
 Silke Hörner, E. Ger1:08.83 
 200m Brst Silke Hörner, E. Ger 2:26.71 WR
 Xiaomin Huang, CHN2:27.49 
 Antoaneta Frenkeva, BUL2:28.34 
 100m Fly Kristin Otto, E. Ger 59.00 OR
 Birte Weigang, E. Ger59.45 
 Hong Quian, CHN59.52 
 200m Fly Kathleen Nord, E. Ger 2:09.51  
 Birte Weigang, E. Ger2:09.91 
 Mary T.Meagher, USA2:10.80 
200m I.M. Daniela Hunger, E. Ger 2:12.59 OR
 Elena Dendeberova, USSR2:13.31 
 Noemi Ildiko Lung, ROM2:14.85 
400m I.M. Janet Evans, USA 4:37.76  
 Noemi Ildiko Lung, ROM4:39.46 
 Daniela Hunger, E. Ger4:39.76 
4x100m Free E. Ger. (Kristin Otto, Katrin
Meissner, Daniela Hunger,
Manuela Stellmach)
3:40.63 OR
4x100m MedE. Ger. (Kristin Otto, Silke
Horner, Birte Weigang,
Katrin Meissner)
4:03.74 OR
Diving  Points
Platform Xu Yanmei, CHN 445.20
 Michele Mitchell, USA436.95
 Wendy Lian Williams, USA400.44
Spring Gao Min, CHN 580.23
 Qing Li, CHN534.33
 Kelly McCormick, USA533.19


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