Event  Time
  50yd Free Zoltán Halmay, HUN 28.0
 Scott Leary, USA28.6
 Charles Daniels, USA 
 100yd Free Zoltán Halmay, HUN 1:02.8
 Charles Daniels, USA 
 Scott Leary, USA 
 220yd Free Charles Daniels, USA 2:44.2
 Francis Gailey, USA2:46.0
 Emil Rausch, GER2:56.0
 440yd Free Charles Daniels, USA 6:16.2
 Francis Gailey, USA6:22.0
 Otto Wahle, AUT6:39.0
 880yd Free Emil Rausch, GER 13:11.4
 Francis Gailey, USA13:23.4
 Géza Kiss, HUN 
 Mile Free Emil Rausch, GER 27:18.2
 Géza Kiss, HUN28:28.2
 Francis Gailey, USA28:54.0
 100yd Back Walter Brack, GER 1:16.8
 Georg Hoffmann, GER1:18.0
 Georg Zacharias, GER1:19.6
 440yd Brst Georg Zacharias, GER 7:23.6
 Walter Brack, GER7:33.0
 Jamison Handy, USA 
4x50yd Free USA (Joe Ruddy, Leo Goodwin,
Louis Handle, Charles Daniels)
Note: Halmay won 50-Free in swim-off with Scott Leary of USA.
Diving  Points
Platform George Sheldon, USA 12.66
 Georg Hoffman, GER11.66
 Frank Nehoe, USA11.33
 Alfred Braunschweiger, GER11.33
Plunge  Mark
for Distance William Dickey, USA 62-6
 Edgar Adams, USA57- 61/2
 Leo Goodwin, USA57- 01/2

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