American League

1902—Milwaukee Brewers move to St. Louis and become Browns; 1903—Baltimore Orioles move to New York and become Highlanders; 1913—NY Highlanders renamed Yankees; 1954—St. Louis Browns move to Baltimore and become Orioles; 1955—Philadelphia Athletics move to Kansas City; 1961—Washington Senators move to Bloomington, Minn., and become Minnesota Twins; 1965—LA Angels renamed California Angels; 1966—California Angels move to Anaheim; 1968—KC Athletics move to Oakland and become A‘s; 1970—Seattle Pilots move to Milwaukee and become Brewers; 1972—Washington Senators move to Arlington, Texas, and become Rangers; 1982—Minnesota Twins move to Minneapolis; 1987—Oakland A‘s renamed Athletics; 1997—California Angels renamed Anaheim Angels; 2008—Tampa Bay Devil Rays renamed Tampa Bay Rays.

Other nicknames: Boston (Pilgrims, Puritans, Plymouth Rocks and Somersets through 1906); Cleveland (Broncos, Blues, Naps and Molly McGuires through 1914); Washington (Senators through 1904, then Nationals from 1905-44, then Senators again from 1945-60).

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