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Batting Average

Frank Thomas, ChiR146530110184.347324350351251099691.611.456
Edgar Martinez, SeaR155542104179.3303003512810811911862.554.330
Dave Justice, CleL13949584163.329295311331018011793.596.329
Bernie Williams, NYS129509107167.328277356211007368015.544.408
Manny Ramirez, CleR15056199184.32830240026887941152.538.415
Paul O'Neill, NYL14955389179.324284420211177589210.514.399
Rusty Greer, TexL157601112193.3213194232687834879.531.405
Reggie Jefferson, BosL13648974156.3192303311367245931.470.358
Mo Vaughn, BosL14152791166.315295240359686171542.560.420
Ivan Rodriguez, TexR15059798187.3132893442077387897.484.360
Troy O'Leary, BosL14649965154.3092393241580397700.479.358
John Valentin, BosR14357595176.3062874751877585667.499.372
Nomar Garciaparra*, BosR153684122209.306365441130983529222.534.342
Paul Molitor, MinR13553863164.30523432410894587311.435.351
Ken Griffey Jr., SeaL157608125185.30439334356147762312115.646.382

Home Runs

Griffey, Sea56
Martinez, NY44
Gonzalez, Tex42
Buhner, Sea40
Thome, Cle40
Palmeiro, Bal38
Thomas, Chi35
Vaughn, Bos35
Salmon, Ana33
Justice, Cle33


Garciaparra*, Bos11
Knoblauch, Min10
Burnitz, Mil8
Damon, KC8
Anderson, Bal7
Jeter, NY7
Alicea, Ana7
Hunter, Det7
Stewart*, Tor7

On Base Pct.

Thomas, Chi.456
Martinez, Sea.456
Thome, Cle.423
Vaughn, Bos.420
Justice, Cle.418
Ramirez, Cle.415
Williams, NY.408

Runs Batted In

Griffey, Jr., Sea147
Martinez, NY141
Gonzalez, Tex131
Salmon, Ana129
Thomas, Chi125
O'Neill, NY117
Clark, Det117
Belle, Chi116
King, KC112
Palmeiro, Bal110


Valentin, Bos47
Cirillo, Mil46
Belle, Chi45
Garciaparra*, Bos44
O'Neill, NY42
Delgado, Tor42
Greer, Tex42
Giambi, Oak41

Slugging Pct.

Griffey Jr., Sea.646
Thomas, Chi.611
Justice, Cle.596
Gonzalez, Tex.589
Thome, Cle.579
Martinez, NY.577
Vaughn, Bos.560


Garciaparra*, Bos209
Greer, Tex193
Jeter, NY190
Anderson, Ana189
Rodriguez, Tex192
Griffey Jr., Sea185
Thomas, Chi184
Ramirez, Cle184
Martinez, Sea179
O'Neill, NY179


Griffey Jr., Sea125
Garciaparra*, Bos122
Knoblauch, Min117
Jeter, NY116
Greer, Tex116
Hunter, Det112
Thomas, Chi110
Williams, NY107


Thome, Cle120
Martinez, Sea119
Buhner, Sea.119
Thomas, Chi109
Phillips, Ana102
Salmon, Ana95
Clark, Det93

Stolen Bases

Hunter, Det7418
Knoblauch, Min6210
Goodwin, Tex5016
Vizquel, Cle4312
Durham, Chi3316
Rodriguez, Sea296
Easley, Det2813
Four tied with 23 each.

Total Bases

Griffey Jr., Sea393
Garciaparra*, Bos365
Martinez, NY343
Thomas, Chi324
Greer, Tex319
Gonzalez, Tex314
Belle, Chi311
Ramirez, Cle302
Salmon, Ana301


Buhner, Sea175
Nieves, Det157
Vaughn, Bos154
Thome, Cle146
Clark, Det144
Salmon, Ana142
Palmer, KC134
Delgado, Tor133

American League LeadersPitching

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