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Two Can Play That Game

Director/Writer:Mark Brown
Screen Gems; R; 90 minutes
Cast:Vivica Fox, Morris Chestnut, Anthony Anderson

Two Can Play That Game takes place in a near-mythic, near-perfect L.A. where race is nothing more than style and wealth is everywhere. Yes, it's a romantic comedy. Sprightly sparring between the sexes keeps it in good shape. The central couple is Shante and Keith (Vivica Fox and Morris Chestnut), a pair of beautiful young black professionals with nary a cloud in their sky. Then Shante spots Keith at the club with another girl. This triggers a humorously stinging battle where each participant calls friends to the rescue.

The cast sports a refreshing rapport. Of course, nothing is ever really on the line: everybody knows that they are too good-looking—and financially secure—to really run into trouble. With its brisk pace and breezy charm, Two Can Play That Game is stronger than most romance comedies out these days.

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