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Director:Éric Valli
Writers:Éric Valli and Olivier Dazat
Kino International; NR; 104 minutes
Cast:Thinlen Lhondup, Karma Wangiel, Lhakpa Tsamchoe

French-directed, foreign-funded Himalaya is the first film from Nepal to receive a wide international release. The vast, nearly abstract nature of the title reflects its relation to countryside. There is a lot of respect, but human details get lost in the landscape. Himalaya's plot adheres to a well-traveled schematic that is nearly mythic in its sparseness. The traditional wise man (Thinlen Lhondup) clashes with an energetic youth (Gurgyon Kyap) whose modernity may threaten the old ways.

Himalaya is beautifully filmed, an enjoyable introduction to a world rarely captured on screen.

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