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The Black Crowes


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Amazingly consistent since their 1990 debut, The Black Crowes' latest album finds brothers Rich and Chris Robinson and company in fine form, roaring and rocking their way through a 13-song set. Produced by Don Was, the disc actually has a fairly bizarre lead single in the stuttering staccato edge of “Lickin'”, but things pick up considerably on “Soul Singing”, the slashing and celebratory ride “Come On”, the characteristically unpolished “Greasy Grass River”, and the flat-out wailing “Young Man, Old Man”.

While ever-faithful to their rockin' roots, the Crowes occasionally show off their psychedelic influences (“Ozone Mama”, “Cosmic Friend”) and turn ballads like “Lay It All On Me”) into thoughtful tales of triumph. That brand of branching out suits them well musically at this point in their career and makes for one very rewarding listen.

Kevin O'Hare

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