The Ladies Man

Director:Reginald Hudlin
Writer:Tim Meadows, Dennis McNicholas, Andrew Steele
Paramount Pictures; R; 90 minutes
Cast:Tim Meadows, Karyn Parson, Billy Dee Williams

Long after its innovative heyday, Saturday Night Live keeps cranking out feature films based on minor characters. This dodgy pedigree may have peaked as early as Wayne's World. This fall, The Ladies Man joins the list. The title refers to SNL regular Leon Phelps (Tim Meadows). He's a late-night radio host known for dispensing crude love advice to his callers. Leon's steeped in 1970s anachronisms and pursued by a bloodthirsty crowd of white men for what he did with their wives. It's a bizarre Austin Powers-flavored ride through bad bawdy jokes and hastily developed situations. Then there's the matter of the lynch mob chasing a black man. Director Reginald Hudlin anesthetizes this situation with guffaws, ignoring all implications.

The Ladies Man can boast superiority over the recent batch of SNL spin-offs. The film holds a few cameo cards up its sleeve, such as Julianne Moore as a tart clown called Bloopy. These moments of spot-on humor hang between stretches of filler.