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It's Like, You Know

Wednesday 8:30–9:00 p.m.
Cast:Chris Eigeman, Steven Eckholdt, Evan Handler, Jennifer Grey, and A.J. Langer

The surprise comedy hit of the 1999 spring season features sharp writing and dialogue and finely observed characters. New York writer Arthur (Eigeman) heads West to the City of Angels to write a book, vowing to stay only as long as his research requires. Arthur's a cynic who hates LA before he steps off the plane. He stays with a college friend, Robbie (Eckholdt), who struck it rich in a pay-per-view scam. Robbie's friends, including Shrug (Handler), an independently wealthy eccentric, Jennifer Grey (Grey as herself), a former star with a new nose who's trying to re-establish herself in Hollywood, and masseuse Lauren (Langer), hang out in his apartment, talking about, well, you know, LA stuff.

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