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rock group

Founded after the 1994 breakup of Uncle Tupelo and including four of that group's original members, Wilco (1994–present) has carried on in Uncle Tupelo's alternative-country-rock hybrid style. They have recorded four albums, A.M. (1995), Being There (1996), Mermaid Avenue (1998) (with Billy Bragg), and the critically acclaimed Summer Teeth (1999). Apart from Jeff Tweedy, lead singer and songwriter, Jay Bennett, lead guitarist and banjo player, and Bob Egan, guitarist, current members include former members of Uncle Tupelo (1987–94) John Stirratt, bass player, Ken Coomer, drummer, and Max Johnston, dobro, fiddle, mandolin, and banjo player.

Jeff Tweedy

songwriter, lead singer, guitar and banjo player
Birthplace: Belleville, Illinois

With Jay Farrar and Mike Heidorn, Tweedy played in the Primitives in high school, which evolved into Uncle Tupelo (1987–94). Their albums include Depression (1990) and Anodyne (1993). Uncle Tupelo disintegrated when Tweedy and Farrar had musical disagreements, and Tweedy went on to found Wilco in 1994. He is the main songwriter for the group.

Dianne WiestWBilly Wilder

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