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The Thief

Director/Writer:Pavel Chukhrai
Director of Photography:Vladimir Klimov
Editors:Marina Dobryanskaya and Natalia Kucherenko
Music:Vladimir Dashkevich
Production Designer:Vikctor Petrov
Producers:Sergei Kozlov and Igor Tolstunov
Lions Gate Films; R; 94 minutes
Cast:Vladimir Mashkov, Ekaterina Rednikova, Misha Philipchuk, Amalia Mordivinova, and Lidiya Savchenko

A harrowing story about a family that falls apart amidst the terrors of the Stalin regime. A 1998 Oscar nominee for best foreign film, Chukhrai's moving drama revolves around a mother (Rednikova) and her young son's (Philipchuk) desire not to relive the sins of his stand-in father (Mashkov).

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