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Dr. Dolittle

Director:Betty Thomas
Writers:Nat Mauldin and Larry Levin
Director of Photography: Russell Boyd
Editor:Peter Teschner
Music:Richard Gibbs
Production Designer:William Elliott
Producers: John Davis, Joseph M. Singer and David T. Friendly
20th Century Fox; PG–13; 85 minutes
Cast:Eddie Murphy, Ossie Davis, Oliver Platt and Kristen Wilson
With the Voices of: Norm MacDonald, Albert Brooks, Chris Rock, Reni Santoni, John Leguizamo, Ellen DeGeneres and Paul Reubens.
Based on the "Doctor Dolittle" stories by Hugh Lofting

This delightful rendition of the Doctor Dolittle story, last seen as a Broadway play and a 1954 film, features Eddie Murphy as a mild-mannered people doctor who rediscovers his natural ability to talk to the animals (DeGeneres plays Dolittle's canine buddy from boyhood), a talent he attempts to hide from his family and colleagues. Murphy plays the straight man; it's the motley crew of animals who do the wisecracking here. Among the four-legged and feathered creatures Dolittle befriends: a dog (McDonald), a raccoon (Reubens), his daughter's guinea pig (Rock) and a tiger (Brooks).

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