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Sour Grapes

Director/Writer:Larry David
Director of Photography:Victor Hammer
Editor:Priscilla Nedd-Friendly
Production Designer:Charles Rosen
Producer:Laurie Lennard
Castle Rock; R; 91 minutes
Cast:Steven Weber, Craig Bierko, Matthew Keeslar, Karen Sillas, Robyn Peterman, Viola Harris, Orlando Jones, Jennifer Leigh Warren, Richard Gant, James MacDonald, Sonya Eddy , Philip Baker Hall and Ann Morgan Guilbert.

Seinfeld co-creator David brings his penchant for wacky characters and inane situations unsuccessfully to the big screen. Crass suburbanite Richie (Bierko) hits the jackpot in Atlantic City with his swanky Manhattan cousin Evan's (Weber) quarters. The two concoct outrageous schemes to trick one another out of the winnings.

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