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Mr. Magoo

Director: Stanley Tong
Writers: Pat Proft and Tom Sherohman
Director of Photography:Jingle Ma
Editors:Stuart Pappé, David Rawlins and Michael R. Miller
Music:Michael Tavera
Production Designer:John Willett
Producer:Ben Myron
Walt Disney; PG; 85 minutes
Cast:Leslie Nielsen, Kelly Lynch, Matt Keeslar, Nick Chinlund, Stephen Tobolowsky, Ernie Hudson, Jennifer Garner and Malcolm McDowell

Nielsen may be the perfect actor to resurrect the bumbling nearsighted food-canning magnate Mr. Magoo, but he can't overcome a laughless, one-joke script. When a priceless gem, the Star of Kuristan, is stolen from a museum and ends up in Mr. Magoo's tackle box, one of the crooks, Luanne (Lynch), pretends to fall for Magoo, hoping to win back the ruby. Meanwhile, the CIA and FBI team up to catch Magoo, who they think is the crook. Like McHale's Navy and Leave It to Beaver, Mr. Magoo should have been left fondly sketched into our memories as television series, not poorly adapted for the big screen.

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