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Eye of God

Director/Writer: Tim Blake Nelson
Director of Photography:Russell Lee Fine
Editor:Kate Sanford
Production Designer:Patrick Geary
Producers:Wendy Ettinger and Michael Nelson
Castle Hill Productions and Minnow Pictures; NR; 84 minutes
Cast:Martha Plimpton, Kevin Anderson, Hal Holbrook and Nick Stahl

Nelson effectively uses a fractured timeline to add complexity to a simple, heart-wrenchingly tragic story about a small-town woman's devastating marriage and the seemingly unrelated drama that unfolds when a 14-year-old boy (Stahl) is found wandering the streets, blood soaked and in a state of shock. A lonely waitress in a Bible belt town, Ainsley Dupree (Plimpton) impulsively marries a convict shortly after he's out of jail. She had been corresponding with Jack Shillings (Anderson) for years and was convinced he had been rehabilitated but learns, after they're married, that he nearly beat an old girlfriend to death. Slowly, Jack , a born-again Christian, begins to snap, leading Ainsley into a life of terror. The religious overtones are a bit heavy-handed at times.

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