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McHale's Navy

Director: Bryan Spicer
Writer: Peter Crabbe
Director of Photography:Buzz Feitshans IV
Editor:Russell Denove
Music:Dennis McCarthy
Production Designer:Gene Rudolf
Producers:Sid, Bill and Jon Sheinberg
Universal and the Bubble Factory; PG; 109 minutes
Cast:Tom Arnold, David Alan Grier, Dean Stockwell, Debra Messing, Tim Curry and Ernest Borgnine

One would think that after three dismal turns as a leading man (Carpool, Big Bully, The Stupids), Arnold would learn a lesson and stick to supporting roles as a lovable loser. No such luck. One also has to ask why make McHale's Navy into a movie when it was only fair '60s fare. Here, Arnold is McHale, a retired naval officer who lives in the Caribbean and supplies the troops with everything from beer to pinups. He comes out of retirement to thwart the destructive plans of the world's “second greatest terrorist” (Curry).

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