Booty Call

Director: Jeff Pollack
Writers: Takashi Bufford and Bootsie
Director of Photography:Ron Orieux
Editor:Christopher Greenbury
Music:Robert Folk
Production Designer:Sandra Kybartas
Producer:John Morrissey
Columbia; R; 98 minutes
Cast:Jamie Foxx, Tommy Davidson, Vivica A. Fox, Tamala Jones, Scott LaRose and Ric Young

A surprisingly fun condom caper. As two couples double date in a Chinese restaurant, the men, Bunz (Foxx) and Rushon (Davidson), play their cards hoping to score later on. But their dates, Lysterine (Fox) and Nikki (Jones), make it clear that without a glove, there will be no love. The hormonally charged boys venture out into the night in search of latex but, taking the idea of complete protection to the extreme, return swathed in plastic wrap.