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Blood and Wine

Director: Bob Rafelson
Writers: Nick Villiers and Alison Cross
Director of Photography:Newton Thomas Sigel
Editor:Steven Cohen
Music:Michal Lorenc
Production Designer:Richard Sylbert
Producer:Jeremy Thomas
Fox Searchlight; R; 101 minutes
Cast:Jack Nicholson, Judy Davis, Stephen Dorff, Jennifer Lopez and Michael Caine

Blood and Wine
Fox Searchlight
Rafelson and Nicholson, partners in Five Easy Pieces, reunite in this neo-film-noir tale of dysfunction and angst. Drowning in debt and despair, Alex Gates (Nicholson) thinks he'll be able to stay afloat if he steals a pricey diamond necklace from his lover's (Lopez) employer. Gates recruits wheezing old buddy Victor Spansky (Caine), an evil ace safecracker. Dying of lung disease, Spansky sees the heist as his last chance to go out in style. The break-in was the easy part. Gates's unstable, alcoholic wife (Davis) unknowingly makes off with the goods, and her son (Dorff) intercepts them, sending Gates and Victor on a wild goose chase.

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