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The Big Squeeze

Director/Writer:Marcus DeLeon
Director of Photography:Jacques Haitkin
Editor:Sonny Baskin
Music:Mark Mothersbaugh
Production Designer:J. Rae Fox
Producers:Zane W. Levitt, Liz McDermott and Mark Yellen
First Look Pictures; R; 100 minutes
Cast:Lara Flynn Boyle, Peter Dobson, Danny Nucci, Luca Bercovici and Sam Vlahos

There's nothing terribly wrong with The Big Squeeze. It ambles along at a nice pace and the performances are adequate, but it offers nothing new or compelling. Tanya (Boyle) slaves as a bartender to support herself and her religious zealot/baseball-player husband Henry (Bercovici), whose leg injury has left him permanently benched. She stumbles upon his secret bank account with $130,000 in it and demands half. When he refuses, Tanya leaves him and collaborates with con man Benny (Dobson) to bilk Henry of what's rightfully hers.

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