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Largest Colleges and Universities by Enrollment, Fall 2003

% Female% Full-
% minority1% Under-
United States, all institutions16,900,47157.1%61.0%29.8%85.6%
University of Phoenix, Online Campus 71,05257.9100.025.763.6
Miami-Dade Community College 58,49061.935.987.2100.0
University of Texas at Austin 51,42650.590.330.974.6
Ohio State University, Main Campus 50,73149.285.615.574.1
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities 49,47452.870.914.565.6
Arizona State University, Main Campus 48,90151.975.622.779.0
University of Florida 47,85852.387.825.471.0
Texas A & M University 44,81347.688.114.480.5
Michigan State University 44,54254.285.216.878.2
City College of San Francisco 42,04357.420.071.1100.0
Pennsylvania State University, Main Campus 41,79546.992.712.383.7
University of Central Florida 41,53555.368.925.583.0
University of South Florida 40,94559.961.728.378.5
University of Wisconsin, Madison 40,87952.288.710.072.3
University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign 40,45846.891.223.272.2
Purdue University, Main Campus 40,37640.487.510.380.2
University of Washington, Seattle Campus 39,13551.983.830.871.5
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 39,03148.491.925.462.8
Indiana University, Bloomington 38,58952.187.79.578.6
New York University 38,18858.875.032.751.1
Northern Virginia Community College 38,09754.531.940.0100.0
Houston Community College System 37,84659.232.163.2100.0
University of Arizona 37,08352.781.324.576.8
University of California, Los Angeles 37,05553.796.053.769.4
Florida State University 36,88456.483.324.180.3
1. Minority students who are U.S. citizens or resident aliens as a percent of total enrollment, including nonresident aliens.
Source: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, 1990 through 2003 Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, “Fall Enrollment Survey” (IPEDS-EF:90), Spring 2001 through Spring 2003, and Fall 2004. (This table was prepared August 2005.)

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