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Central Intelligence Agency Directors

Sidney W. Souers1946
Hoyt S. Vandenberg1946–1947
Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter1947–1950
Walter Bedell Smith1950–1953
Allen W. Dulles1953–1961
John A. McCone1961–1965
William F. Raborn, Jr.1965–1966
Richard M. Helms1966–1973
James R. Schlesinger1973
William E. Colby1973–1976
George H. W. Bush1976–1977
Stansfield Turner1977–1981
William J. Casey1981–1987
William H. Webster1987–1991
Robert M. Gates1991–1993
R. James Woolsey1993–1995
John M. Deutch1995–1996
George J. Tenet1997–2004
Porter Goss2004–2006
Michael V. Hayden2006–2009
Leon Panetta2009–2011
David Patraeus2011–2012
John Brennan2013

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