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Jack Abramoff,

high-powered Republican lobbyist, made a deal with federal prosecutors in January to plead guilty to fraud, public corruption, and tax evasion—all felonies—and to testify against politicians and former colleagues in a broad corruption investigation. Abramoff was sentenced in March to nearly six years in prison, a reduced term. Prosecutors said Abramoff and his associates gave money and expensive gifts to dozens of lawmakers with the expectation that they would use their influence to reciprocate. Many in Washington who have benefitted from Abramoff's largesse fear that their careers may be jeopardized by his testimony. He also pleaded guilty to defrauding Native American tribes—former clients—out of millions of dollars and agreed to repay them $25 million. In a separate case, he was sentenced to six years in prison by a Florida judge on fraud charges related to the 2000 purchase of a gambling cruise-ship line.

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