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U.S. Population with Arab Ancestry, Census 2000

 Arab ancestry aloneArab ancestry alone or in
combination with another ancestry
National originNumberPercent of
U.S. population
NumberPercent of
U.S. population
Syrian 75,5170.03142,8970.05
Palestinian 61,6910.0272,1120.03
Jordanian 36,1040.0139,7340.01
Moroccan 30,3520.0138,9230.01
Iraqi 29,4290.0137,7140.01
“Arab” or “Arabic”167,1660.06205,8220.07
Other Arab81,75430.0382,33740.03
1. Includes people who reported Arab ancestry only, regardless of whether they reported one or two Arab ancestries.
2. Includes people who reported one or two Arab ancestries and people who reported both an Arab and non-Arab ancestry.
3. Includes 68,614 people who reported one Arab ancestry not listed above and 13,140 people who reported two Arab ancestries, excluding the ancestries listed above.
4. Represents the number of people who reported one or two Arab ancestries, excluding the ancestries listed above.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2000 special tabulation.

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