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Medical Practice Characteristics by Selected Specialty: 1990 to 2001

Mean patient visits per week
 All physicians2120.9107.6106.7107.2
 General/family practice146.0133.7122.9126.6
 Internal medicine112.099.7103.0102.7
Mean hours in patient care per week
 All physicians253.351.351.652.8
 General/family practice55.052.950.650.7
 Internal medicine55.753.954.256.2
Mean net income (in thousands)
 All physicians2$164.3$195.5n.a.$205.7
 General/family practice102.7131.2n.a.144.7
 Internal medicine152.5185.7n.a.196.1
Mean liability premium (in thousands)
 All physicians2$14.5$15.0n.a.$18.4
 General/family practice7.89.0n.a.13.8
 Internal medicine9.29.4n.a.13.7
NOTE: n.a.= not available.
1. Mean net income and mean liability premium are 2000 data.
2. Includes other specialties not shown separately.
Source: American Medical Association, Chicago Ill., Physician Socioeconomic Statistics (copyright). From: Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2004–2005.

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