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Unmarried-Partner Households by Sex of Partners and Race and Hispanic Origin of Householder, 2000

Percent of all coupled households

The following table shows the total percent of unmarried couples, same-sex partners, and opposite-sex partners living in the United States according to race.

White alone8.2%0.9%7.3%
Black or African American alone16.91.415.5
American Indian and Alaska Native alone17.41.316.0
Asian alone4.70.74.0
Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander alone12.31.410.8
Some other race alone13.61.212.4
Two or more races13.71.612.1
Hispanic or Latino12.21.310.9
White alone, not Hispanic or Latino8.10.97.2
NOTE: Percent same-sex partners and percent opposite-sex partners may not add to total percent unmarried-partner households because of rounding.
Source: U.S. Census Burea, Census 2000.

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