August 2000 Disasters

  • early August, northeastern India, northern Bangladesh, southern Bhutan: Torrential rains causing flash floods left about 300 dead and more than three million homeless.
  • Aug. 12, Barents Sea: Russian nuclear submarine Kursk sank to bottom of Barents Sea following an explosion; 118 dead.
  • Aug. 19, nr. Carlsbad, N.M.: An explosion of a natural gas pipeline killed 11 people and carved out a crater 86 ft. long, 46 ft. wide, and 20 ft. deep.
  • Aug. 22–23, Andhra Pradesh, India: Heavy rains and flash flooding left 120 dead and nearly 100,000 homeless in the southern Indian state.
  • Aug. 23, Taiwan: At least 11 people died in the wake of Typhoon Bilis, which cut a path 373 mi. (600 km) wide with winds gusting up to 200 mph (320 km/h).
  • Aug. 23, off Bahrain: Gulf Air jet crashed into the Persian Gulf, killing all 143 aboard.

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