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Historical and Projected Capacities for Nuclear Electricity Generation, 1996–2020

(Net Gigawatts)

 United States100.899.094.887.474.256.449.9
 Other North America16.213.312.511.611.611.69.3
 United Kingdom12.913.013.013 011.911.610.6
 Other Western Europe51.251.551.250.244.436.529.9
 Eastern Europe9.89.810.712.711.510.910.5
 Other FSU2.
 South Korea9.19.813.013.914.916.215.0
Total world351.1351.9352.0354.6355.8337.4311.0
NOTES: EE/FSU = Eastern Europe/Former Soviet Union. totals may not equal sum of components due to independent rounding.
1. Status as of December 31, 1996.
2. Status as of December 31, 1997. Data are preliminary and may not match other EIA sources.
Sources: Energy Information Administration, Annual Energy Outlook 1999, DOE./EIA-0383(99); country-specific nuclear power programs.

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