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Ultraviolet Index: What You Need to Know

What Is the UV Index?

How Much Sun Am I Getting?

What Role Does Ozone-Layer Depletion Play?

Effects of Sun

What Are Proper Precautions?

Need More Information?

Source: American Academy of Dermatology

Did you know that overexposure to the sun can cause skin and eye injury? While some sunlight is necessary, too much is dangerous, causing sunburn, premature aging of the skin, skin cancer, cataracts, allergies, and damage to the immune system. Though the average person gets 50% of his or her lifetime sun by the age of 18, everyone needs to be aware of the dangers of exposure to sunlight.

The ill effects of sunlight are caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation. These invisible rays from the sun come in two types, called UVA and UVB, both of which cause sun-related skin damage.

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