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National Memorials

Name and location Total acreage
Arkansas Post (Ark.) 746.88
Arlington House, the Robert E. Lee Memorial (Va.) 27.91
Chamizal (Tex.) 54.90
Coronado (Ariz.) 4,750.22
David Berger (Ohio)n.a.
De Soto (Fla.) 26.84
Father Marquette (Mich.)52.00
Federal Hall (N.Y.) 0.45
Fort Caroline (Fla.) 138.39
Fort Clatsop (Ore.) 125.20
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (DC)7.50
General Grant (N.Y.) 0.76
Hamilton Grange (N.Y.) 1.04
Jefferson National Expansion (Mo.) 192.83
John Ericsson (DC)0.41
Johnstown Flood (Pa.) 164.12
Korean War Veterans (DC) 2.20
Lincoln Boyhood (Ind.) 199.65
Lincoln (DC) 107.43
Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove on the Potomac (DC) 17.00
Mount Rushmore (S.D.) 1,278.45
Oklahoma City (Okla.)6.24
Perry's Victory and International Peace (Ohio) 25.39
Port Chicago Naval Magazine (Calif.)n.a.
Roger Williams (R.I.) 4.56
Thaddeus Kosciuszko (Pa.) 0.02
Theodore Roosevelt Island (DC) 88.50
Thomas Jefferson (DC) 18.36
USS Arizona (Hawaii) 10.50
Vietnam Veterans (DC) 2.00
Washington Monument (DC) 106.01
World War II (DC)7.20
Wright Brothers (N.C.) 428.44

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