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Some Ancient Civilizations

Name Approximate dates Location Major cities
Akkadian 2350–2230 B.C. Mesopotamia, parts of
 Syria, Asia Minor,
Akkad, Ur, Erich
Assyrian 1800–889 B.C. Mesopotamia, SyriaAssur, Nineveh,
Babylonian 1728–1686 B.C. (old)
625–539 B.C. (new)
Mesopotamia, Syria,
Cimmerian 750–500 B.C. Caucasus, northern Asia
Egyptian 2850–715 B.C. Nile valley Thebes, Memphis,
Etruscan 900–396 B.C. Northern Italy
Greek 900–200 B.C. Greece Athens, Sparta,
 Thebes, Mycenae,
Hittite 1640–1200 B.C. Asia Minor, SyriaHattusas, Nesa
Indus Valley 3000–1500 B.C. Pakistan,
 Northwestern India
Lydian 700–547 B.C. Western Asia Minor Sardis, Miletus
Mede 835–550 B.C. Iran Media
Minoan 3000–1100 B.C. Crete Knossos
Persian 559–330 B.C. Iran, Asia Minor, Syria Persepolis,
Phoenician 1100–332 B.C. Palestine (colonies:
 Gibraltar, Carthage,
Tyre, Sidon, Byblos
Phrygian 1000–547 B.C. Central Asia MinorGordion
Roman 500 B.C.A.D. 300 Italy, Mediterranean
 region, Asia Minor,
 western Europe
Rome, Byzantium
Scythian 800–300 B.C. Caucasus
Sumerian 3200–2360 B.C. Mesopotamia Ur, Nippur

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