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  2. New Nation Falls into Civil War
  3. Militants Strike in Yemen
  4. Regional Violence and the Strengthening of al-Qaeda Make Yemen a Volatile State
  5. Cease-Fire Tentatively Ends Six-Year War
  6. Protests Push President Saleh to Announce He Will Not Run for Reelection
  7. American-born al-Qaeda Leader Killed by U.S. Drone
  8. Saleh Cedes Power and Is Given Immunity
  9. Officials Say They Thwarted an al-Qaeda Terrorist Attack
  10. Houthis Take Over Capital; President Hadi Resigns
  11. Yemen-Based Al Qaeda Cell Linked to France Attack; High-Ranking Al-Qaeda Leader Reportedly Killed
  12. The Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Mosque Attacks as Violence Escalates in Yemen
Saleh Cedes Power and Is Given Immunity

President Saleh left Yemen on January 22, 2012. His departure from the country followed a vote by parliament to grant him and members of his government immunity from prosecution. Saleh arrived in the United States later in the month to seek medical treatment. Abdel Rabbo Mansour Hadi, the former vice president who took over for Saleh in November, was the only candidate in the February 2012 presidential election, and he won 99.6% of the vote. Saleh was on hand for Hadi's inauguration on February 27, which marked a smooth transition of power. Despite Saleh's resignation, the opposition called for a change of guard in the country's powerful military, whose leadership is split between relatives of Saleh and supporters of the opposition.

Just days into his term, Hadi was confronted with an attack by Yemeni militants on a military outpost in southern Yemen that killed more than 90 soldiers. In May, Hadi launched a campaign to rout al-Qaeda havens in the southern part of Yemen. On May 21, a suicide bomber struck a military parade in Sana, killing more than 100 soldiers. A branch of al-Qaeda took responsibility, saying the attack was in retaliation for the military's crackdown on the jihadists.

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