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Flag of Yemen
  1. Yemen Main Page
  2. New Nation Falls into Civil War
  3. Militants Strike in Yemen
  4. Regional Violence and the Strengthening of al-Qaeda Make Yemen a Volatile State
  5. Cease-Fire Tentatively Ends Six-Year War
  6. Protests Push President Saleh to Announce He Will Not Run for Reelection
  7. American-born al-Qaeda Leader Killed by U.S. Drone
  8. Saleh Cedes Power and Is Given Immunity
  9. Officials Say They Thwarted an al-Qaeda Terrorist Attack
  10. Houthis Expand Territory and Political Might Amid Turmoil
Houthis Expand Territory and Political Might Amid Turmoil

The Houthis took advantage of the instability in Yemen, and in early July 2014 took control of Amran, a city 45 miles north of the capital, Sana. In August, Houthi leaders demanded that Hadi rescind his decision to end subsidies that helped the poor. The move helped the Houthis to gain wide support, from both Shia and Sunnis, and by early September the Houthis had entered the capital and set up camp there. On Sept. 2, Hadi agreed to form a new government, with the Houthis nominating the prime minister. Hadi also announced a 30% reduction in the price of fuel. The Houthis, however, rejected the concessions as inadequate. Fighting broke out between the rebels and security forces in Sana days later and continued until the Houthis took control of Sana, a stunning accomplishment for the rebels and an equally significant blow for Hadi. The UN brokered a peace deal between the Houthis and the government on September 20. The next day, Prime Minister Mohammed Basindwa announced his resignation. As part of the deal the Houthis agreed to withdraw from Sana, and Hadi said he would reinstate the fuel subsidy, a "technocratic national government" would be established, the Houthis would select presidential advisers, and the provisions of the National Dialogue Conference would be implemented.

In October, Khaled Bahah, Yemen's former ambassador to the UN, was named prime minister. The Houthis rejected Hadi's first choice.

See also Encyclopedia: Yemen .
U.S. State Dept. Country Notes: Yemen

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