Wallis and Futuna Islands

Status: Overseas Territory

Administrator: Michel Aubouin (2013)

Total area: 106 sq mi (274 sq km)

Population (2014 est.): 15,561 (growth rate: 0.33%); birth rate: 13.56; infant mortality rate: 4.49; life expectancy: 79.42; density per sq mi: 149.9

Capital (2011 est.): Mata-Utu, 1,000

Languages: French, Wallisian

Ethnicity/race: Polynesian

Religion: Roman Catholic

Literacy rate: 50% (1969 est.)

Economic summary: GDP/PPP (2004 est.): $60 million; per capita $3,800. Real growth rate: n.a. Inflation: 2.8% (2005)Unemployment: 12.2% (2008)Arable land: 7.14%. Agriculture: coconuts, breadfruit, yams, taro, bananas; pigs, goats; fish. Labor force: 3,104 (2003); agriculture 80%, industry 4%, services 16% (2001 est.). Industries: copra, handicrafts, fishing, lumber. Natural resources: negl. Exports: $47,450 (2004): copra, chemicals, construction materials. Imports: $61.17 million (2004): chemicals, machinery, consumer goods. Major trading partners: Italy, Croatia, U.S., Denmark France, Australia, New Zealand (2004).

Communications: Telephones: main lines in use: 1,900 (2002); mobile cellular: 0 (1994). Radio broadcast stations: AM 1, FM 0, shortwave 0 (2000). Television broadcast stations: 2 (2000). Internet hosts: 2,760 (2012)Internet users: 1,300 (2009).

Transportation: Railways: 0 km. Highways: total: 120 km (Ile Uvea 100 km, Ile Futuna 20 km); paved: 16 km (all on Ile Uvea); unpaved: 104 km (Ile Uvea 84 km, Ile Futuna 20 km). Waterways: none. Ports and harbors: Leava, Mata-Utu. Airports: 2 (2013).

International disputes: none.

Major sources and definitions

The two island groups in the South Pacific between Fiji and Samoa were settled by French missionaries at the beginning of the 19th century. A protectorate was established in the 1880s. There is a French-appointed high administrator, a 20-member territorial assembly, and a deputy and a senator to the French national parliament. The three traditional Polynesian kings also help decide internal policy matters. Following a referendum by the Polynesian inhabitants, the status was changed to that of an Overseas Territory in 1961.

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