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Chavez Experiences Electoral Setback and Battles Health Issues

In September 2010 parliamentary elections, opposition parties won a narrow majority of the vote, taking 5.7 million votes to 5.4 million for Chavez's United Socialist Party. A gerrymandered electoral system awarded Mr Chavez's supporters 98 of the 165 seats in the National Assembly, but he will no longer have the two-thirds majority required for laws affecting constitutional rights and for judicial appointments

In early June 2011, while visiting Cuba, Chavez was hospitalized. Doctors there removed a baseball-sized cancerous tumor. After the surgery, Chavez remained secluded in Havana while his senior officials denied news reports that he had cancer. However, on June 30, Chavez appeared in a televised address and confirmed suspicion that he was battling cancer. He spoke to the nation from a medical facility in Cuba where he had been for three weeks. He did not say when he would return, nor did he name a substitute in his absence. Political opponents of Chavez argued that it was unconstitutional for him to govern from a foreign country.

Earlier in 2011, Chavez suffered from a knee injury and severe colds. The various ailments forced him to reduce his appearances and travel. Too soon to tell how his battle with cancer will impact the presidential election in 2012, Chavez's absence was already being felt. In June 2011, while Chavez received care at a medical facility in Cuba, doctors at Venezuela hospitals went on strike to demand better pay; frequent blackouts caused unrest in cities; and in a prison uprising more than 20 people were killed.

Chavez had returned to Venezuela and was back at work, presiding over cabinet meetings and addressing soldiers at a promotion ceremony by July 7, 2011. He returned in time to celebrate Venezuela's 200th anniversary of its independence and vowed publicly to beat cancer. In late July, he returned to Cuba and completed a second phase of cancer treatment. After the treatment, the doctors did not detect any malignant cells in his body.

On Oct. 20, 2011, Chavez declared that he was cancer free. His announcement came less than five months after he had surgery to remove a tumor while in Cuba. He made the announcement after a short trip back to Cuba for a follow up appointment with doctors. Chavez, who has never revealed what type of cancer he had, underwent four chemotherapy treatments. Despite Chavez's announcement, there was still widespread speculation on just how sick or healthy he may be.

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