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President: Baldwin Lonsdale (2014)

Prime Minister: Charlot Salwai (2016)

Total area: 4,710 sq mi (12,200 sq km)

Population (2014 est.): 266,937 (growth rate: 2.01%); birth rate: 25.69/1000; infant mortality rate: 16.41/1000; life expectancy: 72.72; density per sq mi: 51

Capital and largest city (2011 est.): Port Vila, 47,000

Monetary unit: Vatu

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Flag of Vanuatu
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Vanuatu is an archipelago of 83 islands lying between New Caledonia and Fiji in the South Pacific. Largest of the islands is Espiritu Santo (875 sq mi; 2,266 sq km); others are Efate, Malekula, Malo, Pentecost, and Tanna.

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