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  12. Russia Joins World Trade Organization while at Odds with U.S. over Weapons Pact, Snowden, and Syria
  13. International Protests and Multiple Bombings Threaten 2014 Olympics
  14. Russia Annexes Crimea, Experiences Economic Fallout Due to Sanctions
  15. Putin Signs Gas Accord with China, Begins Eurasian Union as Ukraine Fallout Continues
  16. Nemtsov Is Assassinated, Two Aircraft Crash in 2015
Nemtsov Is Assassinated, Two Aircraft Crash in 2015

On Feb. 27, 2015, just two days before he was scheduled to lead an opposition peace rally, Boris Nemtsov was shot and killed in Moscow. Nemtsov had been a vocal critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and most recently, of the war in Ukraine. According to fellow opposition leader Ilya Yashin, at the time of his death, Nemtsov had been working on a report of the Russian military's involvement in Ukraine. Putin condemned Nemtsov's murder and promised to lead the investigation into his death.

Nemtsov was the most prominent opposition leader to be killed during Putin's presidency. The incident sparked outrage and protests, including tens of thousands marching through Moscow in the days after the assassination.

Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov
Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov
Source: AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko

On Oct. 31, 2015, Airbus A321-200, an 18-year-old Russian passenger plane, crashed just 20 minutes after taking off from Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. All 224 people on board were killed. Investigators exploring the debris said that the plane's fuselage disintegrated in the air while flying over Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. The cause of the disintegration was not immediately known. However, The Sinai Province of the Islamic State, an ISIS offshoot, claimed responsibility for bombing the plane. The following month, Russia's FSB security service announced that Airbus A321-200 was taken down by a homemade explosive device.

Russian plane crash in Egypt
The remains of the Russian passenger jet, Oct. 31, 2015
Source: Suliman el-Oteify/Egyptian Prime Minister's Office via AP, File

Turkey shot down a Russian warplane for invading its airspace in late Nov. 2015. At least one of the two pilots was killed. Turkish officials said that the plane ignored repeated warnings as it crossed over into its airspace from Syria. In a statement, Russian President Vladimir Putin called the act a "stab in the back." He also said that there would be "significant consequences." It was the first time in fifty years that a NATO member had shot down a Russian aircraft.

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