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Flag of Romania
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  2. Attempting Post-Communist Government
  3. Government in Turmoil
  4. Protests Demand New Government
  5. Basescu Faces Second Referendum
  6. Iohannis Becomes President in Election Shocker
  7. Ponta Resigns after Nightclub Fire Protests
Government in Turmoil

The Social Democrat Party (PSD) pulled out of the governing coalition in October 2009, leaving Boc as the head of a minority government, which thereafter lost a confidence vote in Parliament. Member of Parliament cited Boc's failure to pull the country out of recession. In November, Parliament rejected Basescu's choice for prime minister, Lucian Croitoru, and Boc stayed in office as caretaker. Basescu was narrowly reelected in December's run-off election against Mircea Geoana, of the opposition Social Democrats', and asked Boc to form a new coalition government. Boc quickly introduced stringent budget cuts and vowed to address the country's financial crisis.

Basescu has earned wide international praise for his anti-corruption drive and for paving the way for Romania to join the European Union.

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