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  9. 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Kills at least 144 People
  10. Typhoon Haiyan Kills Thousands
Tension Increases with China Over Island

In May 2012, China held up Philippine bananas at customs for prolonged inspections. The same week in May, China began a media campaign suggesting any claim on Huangyan Island was an infringement of Chinese sovereignty. Called Panatag Shoal by the Philippines, the island has been the source of a longstanding dispute between the two countries.

China's vice minister of foreign affairs, Fu Ying urged the Philippines to remove its vessels from waters near the island, adding that the Philippines were "severely damaging the atmosphere of the bilateral relations" between the two countries. The Philippines said that they had found eight Chinese fishing vessels near the island back in April. When Philippine Navy personnel boarded the Chinese vessels, they found illegal coral and fish.

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