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  4. The Rise of Hamas
  5. Hamas and Farah Clash
  6. Attempting Cease-Fire
  7. Abbas Under Fire
  8. Palestinian Factions Sign Historic Reconciliation Accord
  9. Palestine Officially Requests Membership to UN
  10. Progress for UN Memberships Stalls
  11. Exploratory Talks with Israel End while Unity Government with Hamas Moves Forward
  12. Palestinian Authority Marks 19th Oslo Accords Anniversary with Economic Troubles
  13. Violence Erupts Between Israel and Gaza in November 2012
  14. UN Approves Non-Member State Status
  15. Egypt Attempts to Get Hamas and Fatah to Reconcile
  16. Rami Hamdallah Becomes Prime Minister
  17. Peace Talks Resume After Five Years
  18. 2013 Report Supports Theory That Arafat Was Poisoned
  19. New Unity Government Includes Hamas
  20. Murders of Israeli and Palestinian Teenagers Increases Tension
  21. Britain Votes to Recognize Palestine
  22. Palestine Asks to Join the International Criminal Court
  23. More Obstacles Emerge for Palestine in 2015
2013 Report Supports Theory That Arafat Was Poisoned

A new forensics report released by a team of Swiss scientists supports the theory that Yasir Arafat was poisoned. The 108-page report, published on Nov. 6, 2013, said that radioactive polonium-210 was found within Arafat's remains. The exploration of the matter began in Jan. 2012 when a reporter working for Al Jazeera English approached the University of Legal Medicine in Switzerland on behalf of Arafat's widow. Al Jazeera commissioned the forensic examination after providing the travel bag that Arafat had with him when he died. After finding "an unexplained elevated amount of unsupported polonium-210" in the bag, the Swiss team exhumed Arafat's body.

Russian and French teams worked with the Swiss to test the remains. The report took into account limitations such as the amount of time that had passed since Arafat died in Nov. 2004. However, even with limitations, the examination findings moderately supported the proposition that Arafat died from polonium poisoning. Therefore, the report supported the suspicions that Arafat's supporters have had since his death, that he was killed by rivals of Palestine or Israeli agents. Israel has repeatedly denied any involvement with Arafat's death.

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