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  2. The Oslo Accord, Government Corruption, and a "Road Map" to Peace
  3. Assassinations, a New Government, and a Temporary Withdrawal
  4. The Rise of Hamas
  5. Hamas and Farah Clash
  6. Attempting Cease-Fire
  7. Abbas Under Fire
  8. Palestinian Factions Sign Historic Reconciliation Accord
  9. Palestine Officially Requests Membership to UN
  10. Progress for UN Memberships Stalls
  11. Exploratory Talks with Israel End while Unity Government with Hamas Moves Forward
  12. Palestinian Authority Marks 19th Oslo Accords Anniversary with Economic Troubles
  13. Violence Erupts Between Israel and Gaza in November 2012
  14. UN Approves Non-Member State Status
  15. Egypt Attempts to Get Hamas and Fatah to Reconcile
  16. Rami Hamdallah Becomes Prime Minister
  17. Peace Talks Resume After Five Years
  18. 2013 Report Supports Theory That Arafat Was Poisoned
  19. New Unity Government Includes Hamas
  20. Murders of Israeli and Palestinian Teenagers Increases Tension
  21. Britain Votes to Recognize Palestine
  22. Palestine Asks to Join the International Criminal Court
  23. More Obstacles Emerge for Palestine in 2015
Rami Hamdallah Becomes Prime Minister

On June 6, 2013, Rami Hamdallah was sworn in as prime minister. Hamdallah was born in the West Bank. He graduated from the University of Jordan in 1980 and went on to receive his MA from the University of Manchester two years later. He also has a PhD in linguistics from Lancaster University. In 2011, three of his children were killed in a traffic accident involving an Israeli vehicle.

The president of An-Najah National University in Nablus, Hamdallah is a member of the Fatah party. His appointment to prime minister is not recognized by Hamas.

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