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  6. Attempting Cease-Fire
  7. Abbas Under Fire
  8. Palestinian Factions Sign Historic Reconciliation Accord
  9. Palestine Officially Requests Membership to UN
  10. Progress for UN Memberships Stalls
  11. Exploratory Talks with Israel End while Unity Government with Hamas Moves Forward
  12. Palestinian Authority Marks 19th Oslo Accords Anniversary with Economic Troubles
  13. Violence Erupts Between Israel and Gaza in November 2012
  14. UN Approves Non-Member State Status
  15. Egypt Attempts to Get Hamas and Fatah to Reconcile
  16. Rami Hamdallah Becomes Prime Minister
  17. Peace Talks Resume After Five Years
  18. 2013 Report Supports Theory That Arafat Was Poisoned
  19. New Unity Government Includes Hamas
  20. Murders of Israeli and Palestinian Teenagers Increases Tension
  21. Britain Votes to Recognize Palestine
  22. Palestine Asks to Join the International Criminal Court
  23. More Obstacles Emerge for Palestine in 2015
Progress for UN Memberships Stalls

In Oct. 2011, UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) approved the Palestinian bid for full membership to the UN with a 107 to 14 vote. The favorable vote defied a mandated cutoff of American funding. The U.S. contributed $70 million to UNESCO a year. That was about 22 percent of its yearly budget. The vote made Palestine the 195th member of UNESCO.

However, by November, the prospect for full membership was looking doubtful for the Palestinians. In a Security Council meeting, France and Bosnia said they would abstain on a vote. That would leave the Palestinians short of the nine votes needed in favor of gaining full UN membership.

Full membership to the UN requires recommendation from the 15-member Security Council, with a nine vote majority and no veto from the five permanent members. A submission then goes to the General Assembly where it requires a two-thirds vote from its 193 members.

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