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  3. Iraq Invades Kuwait
  4. Women Win Suffrage in Kuwait
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  6. Opposition Boycotts Parliamentary Elections
Opposition Boycotts Parliamentary Elections

Wanting more democracy, the opposition boycotted parliamentary elections on December 1, 2012. The boycott caused voter turnout to be only 39.7 percent. The opposition wanted more democracy in the election. Two days later, Emir Sheik Sabah accepted Prime Minister al-Sabah's resignation. However, by December 5, 2012, Emir Sheik Sabah asked al-Sabah to put together a new government. A week later, al-Sabah announced a new cabinet, but the only major change was Mustafa al-Shamali as minister of finance.

After the elections on December 1, 2012, protesters gathered almost daily to voice their dissatisfaction. Emir Sheik Sabah denounced the protestors as antigovernment factions. In a speech to welcome Prime Minister al-Sabah's new cabinet, Emir Sheik Sabah said, "We will not tolerate attempts from anyone to tear apart the unity of the nation."

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