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Women Continue to Make Inroads

In May 2009, three women are elected to parliament, becoming Kuwait's first female MPs. In October, court rulings further expand the rights of women, allowing them to get passports without the approval of their husbands and not requiring women MPs to wear Islamic headscarves.

In March 2011, the cabinet of Prime Minister al-Sabah resigned. Two months later, Emir Sheik Sabah approved a new government, which included six new ministers.

In June 2012, the emir accepted the resignation of the government of Prime Minister Sheik Jabir Mubarak al-Hamad al-Sabah, and on July 5, he reappointed Sheik Jabir as prime minister. Two weeks later, the cabinet was announced; the only change was Nayef al-Hajraf as finance minister.

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