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Flag of Kenya
  1. Kenya Main Page
  2. Kenya Wins Independence After a Long Struggle
  3. Economic Woes, Corruption, and Disasters Stifle Development
  4. Hopes for Reform Under New Administration Are Dashed
  5. Ethnic Violence Follows Disputed Presidential Election
  6. Kenyan Forces Invade Somalia to Fight Islamist Militants
  7. Four Prominent Kenyans Charged with Crimes against Humanity
  8. Kenyan Troops Storm Somalian Port City, Oust Militant Group
  9. 2013 Presidential Elections Largely Peaceful
  10. Somalian Militants Terrorize Luxury Mall
Kenyan Troops Storm Somalian Port City, Oust Militant Group

Shabab was dealt a severe blow in September 2012 when several hundred Kenyan troops, with the help of Somalis, took over Somalia's port city of Kismayu in an amphibuous assault. The incursion followed several weeks of air and naval assaults by Kenya on key Shabab positions in Kismayu. The city was the last Shabab stronghold, and the militant group used the port to bring in weapons and raise money by charging hefty import fees. The incursion was uncharacteristically brazen, and Kenyan officials said it had to protect its citizens from violence on the border. In addition, Kenya's economy was being adversely affected by the turmoil in neighboring Somalia caused by the Shabab.

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