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  12. Terrorists Attack Landmarks in Mumbai
  13. India Tests a Long-Range Ballistic Missile
  14. Gang Rape Case Ignites National Protests
  15. Opposition Dominates 2014 Election
  16. Severe Heat Wave Kills More Than Two Thousand
India Supports Independence Movement That Leads to the Creation of Bangladesh

In 1971, the Pakistani army moved in to quash the independence movement in East Pakistan that was supported by India, and some 10 million Bengali refugees poured across the border into India, creating social, economic, and health problems. After numerous border incidents, India invaded East Pakistan and in two weeks forced the surrender of the Pakistani army. East Pakistan was established as an independent state and renamed Bangladesh.

In May 1975, the 300-year-old kingdom of Sikkim became a full-fledged Indian state. Situated in the Himalayas, Sikkim was a virtual dependency of Tibet until the early 19th century. Under an 1890 treaty between China and Great Britain, it became a British protectorate and was made an Indian protectorate after Britain quit the subcontinent.

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